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Ford GT 500

"I have a diploma in
Graphic Sign Arts from NAIT,
Thanks for teaching me to install vehicle graphics"

Above is a photo shoot, done by my Father. Nabil Kaba Photography. The photographer showed up just

as I was laying out some finishing touches to this Mustang

Shelby GT 500. I'd say this is the most detailed work I have done In the Vehicle graphics installation,  yet I still don't feel satisfied.
I want to Decal up more vehicles. So go ahead and Leave me a message. I would be happy to create your next vehicle designs.

Company Decals

Above: By far my toughest job installing yet.

Contracted by Sign-A-Rama to install vinyl decals on to the city furniture van! The van was more than twice my hight yet I prevailed

and with perfect measurements :)

Below: Other fun installs Ive gotten to play with!


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