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"Some prints we've created For some clients"

Printed Media

Car Show: Poster

Lately I've Created a poster as a contribution to the may madness charity car show!

the car show runs once a year and is to support the stars ambulances.

Sonia Bitar: Politician

Business Cards,

Rack Cards, Buttons,

And Lawn Signs, for Sonia Bitar's campaign

for Ward 11 Councilor.

My main focus in creating

her image was to keep it simple, easy to read, yet

still explicitly say

I will do my job with an

elegant and refined



Champion Pizza: Restaurant

Menus made to ship in bulk around Edmonton, for my friend Hassan at Champion Pizza. Its always privileged designing with sports in mind. Especially on a full stomach!

CP's menu items complement the theme just right, and the photography of the food makes makes the impact really settle in. When the customer comes in and sees that the food looks just like on the menu "just WoW!"

Wish Accessories: Merchandising

My favorite part of this project was getting to see the logo labeled on their product, so satisfying!

Going to Wish's booth and seeing the signs up and the products out, is such a rewarding feeling.

Using clipping masks I added color to the words and they stand out thanks to the render clouds background!

Black Lab Roofing: Construction

Just what this city needs.

Someone to take care of the roofs over our heads.

when Seth came to me with this project I was thrilled!

you can drive all over Edmonton, and see.

So many people should give Black Lab a call, and thanks to this marketing package they are hearing the word!

No D!ce, Iligy Productions: Music

For No D!ce, I have made stickers and soon shirts,

always awsome to promote yourself using clothing.

and to the right you see Iligy,

Multilingual Rapper, and also

Audio Engineer.

This poster was for an event held by him in

Gabriel Roy Francophone School

UFO: Trucking

Here you see one of my logos screen printed on a hat


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